Monday, February 1, 2010

My Soapbox

The nice thing about a blog is that it gives me a place to really get on my "soapbox," when otherwise I wouldn't be able to. So here goes. =)

At this point in my life, almost more than anything else, there are 2 things that frustrate me and break my heart at the same time.

#1 - People whose health is declining, but for some reason they pay no attention or think their health problems will somehow take care of themselves. Their bodies continue to deteriorate, but they do nothing because they are either clueless or in denial.
(Lest you think I'm being harsh, let me just say that I used to be one of these people - until my health COMPLETELY collapsed, and I was forced to pay attention to my body's needs. I don't ever want to see someone I care about go through the same thing.)

#2 - People whose health has already collapsed (like me, like others with E.I.), but all the doctors they've been to have been little or no help, and they're left with little or no hope of ever getting well.
(I've been in this place too, and let me tell you it's NOT pleasant.)

If you are reading this and you are not 99% satisfied with your health and pysical functionability (I'm not sure 100% is possible on this fallen earth), then you are included in group #1.
What I'd like to say to you is - STOP! Right now. Be stil for a moment and listen to your body. What is it saying?
If you're tired a lot, have aches and pains, difficulty concentrating, etc. - please hear this: it's your body trying to tell you that something is wrong. If you ignore the messages your body is sending you, just keep going and hope it will somehow take care of itself, you're in for a rude awakening.
Everything that happens in your body has a CAUSE. I'm convinced that if more doctors were genuine detectives, we'd have a lot fewer sick people. Unfortunately, most of them just treat symptoms. They don't take the time to dig long enough to find the cause.
For example - one of my worst problems for years has been low or no adrenal function. When one doctor first noticed it, he said 'let's put you on this drug which makes the same thing your adrenal gland makes (cortisol) and then your adrenal gland can rest and you'll recover.'
I don't think so.
I'm still on that drug 7 years later and my adrenal function is worse now than it was when I started!
What he should have done was asked, WHY is your adrenal function low? Maybe it's because your body is overly toxic, thus making the adrenals work harder. Or maybe it's because there's a virus settled in your adrenal gland so it can't do it's normal function. (These are the conclusions I have come to after years, and with the help of a doctor who did finally diagnose me with a virus in my adrenal gland.)

There is a CAUSE for every ache, pain, symptom, and malfunction in your body. What can you do?
1) Write down every problem, complaint, or symptom you have.
2) Pray over that list. Ask God to show you what the cause is. It could be something you're eating (sugar is a known inflamatory, preservatives are toxic chemcials, etc.), or something in your environment (fresh paint, mercury detnal fillings, etc.), or an unhealthy habit (not enough sleep, not enough water, etc.), or even something else.
3) Then ask God to lead you to the answers that you need to help restore your health in HIS timing.

If you fit in group #1, please listen to me before it's too late (and you end up in group #2). - It's time to take responsibility for your own health, your own body, the temple of the Holy Spirit living in YOU! Please don't be clueless, and please don't live in denial. Please take better care of your body than you do of your car. =)

Now, for those people in group #2 - I feel your pain, my heart aches for you. But please hear this: There IS HOPE! I know what it's like to think no one would ever figure out what was wrong with me or how to treat my health problems effectively. But God, in His mercy, has brought me some answers at last!
This month I'll be sharing information about the things that are helping me, what I call the 4 D's:

No matter how hopeless you feel, there are answers out there. There are Christian doctors, researchers, and health care providers who are working to spread information and provide treatments that work. So please don't give up!
You can do the same things I suggested for group #1:
1) Make a list of your problems (or at least the most pressing ones).
2) Pray over the list asking God to lead you to the underlying causes.
3) Keep asking Him to lead you to the answers you need.

I really hope to see many people in group #1 finding answers, working hard for their bodies, and seeing their health improved. And I long to see those in group #2 finding the help they need and being delivered from the agony of life with E.I.
I pray by God's grace, that I will see these things happening soon.
(Then I can find a new 'soapbox.') =)

Thank you for listening.
I'm stepping down now. =)

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