Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hello. Today I want to just list some websites that I hope will be helpful resources for you in your health journey.

This site has video clips demonstrating specific massage techniques, as well as other information about lymphatic massage.

- Environmental Working Group

This is an excellent site with all kinds of great information like -
Shopper's guide to pesticides, Bottled water guide, Cosmetics database, Cell phone radiation report, etc.
You can sign up to receive email updates, (usually about once a week) or check out their blog -
They also have action points - petitions to sign or issues to contact congressman about.
I really appreciate their good work and hope you will benefit from it as well.

- Beyond Organic Insider

This is Jordan Rubin's blog where he tells the hard truth about many health and food issues. From revealing what's really in your drinking water, to exposing common food myths, Jordan will keep you well informed about what's really happening in the food and health industries. I appreciate his willingness to speak up and be a voice of truth in this age of misinformation and deception.

- Environmental Illness Resource

If you know someone with E.I., this website has information and ways to connect with other people with E.I.
Caution - Some of the treatment methods they describe on this site are more radical than I would recommend. Just be careful about following any treatment recommendations, while still making good use of the information and community aspects of this site.


NEEDS is a discount vitamin/supplement/health products site. They usually have better prices than most health food stores, and they have almost every product imaginable.

- Dr. Mercola

This link contains Dr. Mercola's thorough information about coconut oil and its many health benefits.

- Brenda Watson

You may have seen her show on PBS. She has all kinds of information about probiotics and health issues related to a lack of these "good bacteria" in the body.

- Doug Kaufman 

Doug's mission is to educate people about candida, mold and fungus and how they affect the body. His website tells where you can watch his TV show, what the Phase One diet is, which foods are anti-fungal, etc.

- Dr. Valerie Saxion (Naturopath)

I often watch her TV show, "Alternative Health." She shares all kinds of great health information and also sells a wide variety of products.

- Dr. Anthony Smith (Chiropractor/CBT practitioner)

This is the dr I saw almost 2 years ago in Idaho. If you know someone in the Northwest area with chronic health issues, I highly recommend him! His CBT treatment is effective for - allergies, candida, parasites, viruses, Lymes disease, etc.
I use the CBT treatment every single day for all kinds of issues, and I know that being treated by Dr. Smith was a huge part of my healing process.

- Connie Newcombe (Herbalogist)

She is the herbalogist I've been working with for more than a year and a half now. She is very knowledgeable about the healing properties of various foods, herbs, plants, etc. I highly recommend her to anyone dealing with any health issue. (She does phone appointments, so she can work with anyone regardless of location.)

OK, those are some of the basic resources I use. I hope you found something helpful there. If you're looking for information on something specific, please let me know and I'll get back to you if I can help.


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