Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stick To It

You may already know this, but I think it's worth mentioning here - that teflon/non-stick cookware is hazardous to your health.

Here's a paragraph from the Natural News website:

" the two to five minutes that cookware coated with Teflon is heating on a conventional stovetop, temperatures can exceed to the point that the coating breaks apart and emits toxic particles and gases. At various temperatures these coatings can release at least six toxic gases, including two carcinogens."
(from -

I don't know about you, but I certainly don't want to be breathing in any more carcinogens than I already am from living in this toxic world.

According to Dr. Valerie Saxion, the toxins we encounter from teflon are difficult for the body to detox, because they are stored in the fat cells. You can't just drink more water to 'wash them out.' (Eating parsley and cilantro can help somewhat in detoxing the fat cells in your body.) The toxins from teflon can also be passed through a mother to her unborn baby.

Our culture is always looking for what's convenient. But in many cases, what's convenient is also what's dangerous. Thankfully there are healthy and safe alternatives to cooking with teflon/non-stick coated pans.

"We continue to recommend cast iron and stainless steel cookware as safer options for stove-top cooking, and oven-safe glass for baking. These safer pans might be a little harder to clean, but your health is worth it."
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In light of this knowledge, just wanted to encourage you to 'stick to' the healthy choices in cookware and say no to the non-sticky choices.

Just another simple way to protect your health and your family.



  1. Very interesting! I wish I would have known this earlier. I will look into investing in better pans when we get back from Mexico and can afford it little by little.

  2. I'm so glad you're open to learning new things for your health! Just keep doing what you can step by step. I know God will provide too, He is faithful. =)
    Also, sometimes you can find stainless steel pots and pans at thrift stores or garage sales for much cheaper...might be an option for you. =)