Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today I'm speaking to myself when I say that one of the best and simplest things to do for better health is to get some sunshine!

Our skin uses energy from the sun to make vitamin D in our bodies. Vitamin D performs many essential functions in the body, including strenghthening the immune system and facilitating mineral absorbtion. It is vital for good health!

Some people worry about getting skin cancer from sun exposure. Yet we know God created the sun, and for thousands of years people have lived outside without a high incidence of skin cancer. One theory is that it's only too much sun in addition to a bad diet that leads to skin cancer. A healthy diet with adequate nutrients and healthy fats actually works together with energy from the sun to give the body many benefits.
(This info and more is in "The Maker's Diet" by Jordan Rubin.)

So how much sun is the right amount?

The Natural News website says:
"If we were to expose at least 20% of our skin to sunlight all year round for up to 10 minutes a day without any SPF, then we would ensure adequate amounts of vitamin D. The fairer your skin the less direct exposure is needed to activate vitamin D synthesis. For people with very fair skin, just a short burst of sunshine on their skin would also be enough."
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Obviously we don't want to get sunburned, and some people will be able to tolerate more sun exposure than others. But if you're like me, getting any sun at all is the challenge.

My goal at the moment is 10 minutes of direct sunlight three days a week (which will be a big improvement over no sun at all).

What's your goal? Why not pray about it, and ask the Son to help you get the sunlight you need. =)


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