Wednesday, July 13, 2011


With summer in full swing, I just wanted to mention again that if you can't afford to buy all organic produce, then I hope you'll make use of the "Shopper's Guide to Pesticides" by EWG.
This list tells you which produce has the most and the least amount of pesticides. It's very helpful in deciding which things you definitely should buy organic, and which things aren't as crucial to get organic.

Also, just wanted to add that the most important food to buy organic is actually meat. Not only does "normal" meat have pesticide residues but also hormones, antibiotics, steroids, GMO grains (fed to the animals), and all kinds of junk.
If you can only afford to buy one thing organic, start with the meat. I've been eating Laura's Beef for the last few years and it's very good.

Most big grocery stores now carry organic products in everything from produce, to meat, to dairy and pasta, etc. Keep a lookout for these foods or ask a store employee about them.

Remember, you ARE what you EAT. Keep growing in Health!


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