Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some Humor

I thought you'd appreciate some E.I. humor today. =) Enjoy!
(And yes, I really have been to this many doctors - more in fact.)

Doctors, Doctors

Doctors, doctors, you’re so smart,
But medicine is not like art.
Dr S declared, “you’re fine.
Perhaps it’s all just in your mind.”
Dr. U thought I had allergies
And promptly stuck a needle in me.
Dr. B said “Let’s test your blood.”
Those results were clear as mud.

Doctors, doctors, can’t you tell?
Something’s wrong, I know it well.
Dr. A affirmed it’s not infectious.
Dr C said my heart looked precious.
Dr G told me to quit my med.
Dr O wanted to “fix” my head.
Doctors, doctors, I wish you knew
Just one right thing that you could do.

Doctors, doctors, if only you had
The help I long for, need so bad.
Dr. T said “We’ll do an IV.”
Lots of things they pumped into me.
Dr. H wanted to crack my back.
I said, “Let’s try another tack.”
Dr. V told me, “Take these pills.”
Unfortunately they made me ill.

Doctors, doctors, don’t you know?
Is there no weapon to fight this foe?
Dr. F said “Write everything down.”
Dr. L gave up with a frown.
Dr. D tried acupuncture.
Dr. M was crazy, I’m sure.
Doctors, doctors, it’s so unfair.
Why is a good one totally rare?

Doctors, doctors, so much to learn,
You practice on me and I get burned.
Dr. R said “You’re past my help.
Go live by the sea.” Try some kelp?
Dr. K asked “Do you want to get well?”
I got so mad, I wanted to yell.
Dr. J knew less than I.
Just take me home, let me cry.

Doctors, doctors, there must be one
Who God can use before I’m done.
Dr. Z taught me massage.
Dr. P used an alternative collage.
Dr. N gave me natural remedies.
Dr. Y cured my allergies.
Doctors, doctors, I’m thankful for each
Who brought good health within my reach.

by Joanna K. Harris

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