Saturday, November 5, 2011

Detoxing Quotes

The lengthy process of detoxing can be annoying, frustrating, even agonizing. My mom and I try to keep a sense of humor through all the pain, frustration, and crazy symptoms.

Here are a few quotes we've come up with to amuse ourselves in the midst of the struggle. =)

"Wherever I go, there my toxins are."
- I often feel like Pigpen (from Charlie Brown) with his cloud of dust following him everywhere.

"Blame it on detoxing."
- Are you feeling irritable, depressed,'s probably from something you're detoxing.

"Don't inhale."
- Always give this warning to anyone you're about to hug.

"Crying washes out the toxins."
- Bursting into tears (because of reactions or symptoms) is never fun, but when it happens, my mom alway reminds me that at least it's another way of getting rid of toxins.

"Eat it today, detox it tomorrow."
- This is especially helpful to remember when I'm tempted to eat some non-organic, preservative-laden food. Is it worth the price of taking 3-4 days to detox it?

"Dare to detox."
- Detoxing is not for the faint-hearted. It takes courage, perseverance, flexibility, a sense of humor, and lots of prayer!

In some ways I think the detoxing process parallels the Christian life. God is continually removing the "toxic" things from our lives and replacing them with His goodness and truth. This process of inner transformation can at times feel annoying, frustrating, even agonizing. But a changed life is well worth the pain.

Spiritual transformation is a life-long journey.
I just hope that the detoxing process isn't.

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  1. Hmmmm. . .. I need to come up with a few of my own! A lunch with goat cheese has me in day two of a migraine. I thought it wouldn't be considered an aged cheese and I should be fine, but no.

    "A moment on the lips, your head is in a grip." ???