Saturday, December 10, 2011

E.I. Gift-Giving Guide

Christmas is approaching...the feel of shopping is in the air. =)

The Natural News website has a good article about what NOT to give people for Christmas this year. It's getting harder to find "non-toxic" gifts. You can check out the article at:

Whether the people on your gift list have E.I. or not, my personal recommendation is please do not give gifts that are:
1) made in China (highly toxic)
2) sugary or preservative-laden foods

I know finding just the right gift is sometimes a challenge, especially when you're thinking of someone with E.I. Here a few suggestions I hope will be helpful.

*Glass dishes (not made in China) of any kind are always good.
Most E.I.'s can't use plastic or metal dishes, and clear glass is often hard to find. (We usually watch for them at garage sales or thrift stores.)

*For many E.I.'s a new CD or DVD is always nice. (Even though the cases often smell toxic, I usually put them away somewhere and can still enjoy the disc.)

*Encouraging sermon CD's from your church are a good gift, as most of us are unable to attend church.

*Postage stamps are always a practical and helpful gift.

*Gift certificates to the local health food store or to (if you know they often shop there for needed supplements, etc.).

*Some E.I.'s can't receive anything in the mail (except plain paper letters) without reacting. For them, you might consider donating to a charity in their name. There are many worthy ministries. A few that I personally appreciate are:
1) The Bible League - distributing Bibles all over the world, and much more.
2) Life Today - feeding children, drilling wells, rescuing girls from trafficking, taking care of orphans...they do so much!
3) Samaritan's Purse - relief work, evangelism, Christmas boxes for children, etc.

Well, I hope these ideas are helpful. Most of all, remember that God is the giver of ALL gifts! May we be thankful every day for His generous heart. And may we give to others out of His love and joy.

Happy giving! =)

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