Friday, June 15, 2012

Heart Healing

Before God brought about major steps of healing in my body, He had a lot of healing to accomplish in my heart. 

For me it started when I finally realized and admitted that my heart needed healing. Even though I was scared of what might come, I asked God to do His healing work in me. And He did. 

Heart healing, like physical healing, is usually a gradual process. During the last several years God has healed my heart in ways I never thought possible! 

- He freed me from a lie I had believed for over 15 years!
- He healed me of resentments, fears, insecurities, and areas of self-condemnation.
- He changed my thinking and gave me new desires.
- He enabled me to experience His love for me more deeply than ever before! 

Heart healing is something we all need, and probably will continue to need until we reach heaven. I'm thankful for how far God has brought me in my healing process, even though it took a physical illness to get here.  
God can use our hardships to accomplish the heart healing we need. I pray you'll continue to find your heart healing in HIM.

Here's a poem I wrote during my healing process. I hope it encourages you today.

(by Joanna K. Harris)

I am strong.
I know where I'm going.
I know what I'm doing.
I have purpose.

I am struggling.
I'm trying to go where I should.
I'm trying to do what's right.
I have perseverance.

I am weak. 
I can't go where I want to.
I can't do what I need to.
I have nothing.

I am broken.
I'll go where You lead me.
I'll do what You ask of me.
I have grace.

I am healed.
I trust in Your promises.
I rest in Your love.
I have YOU.

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