Thursday, December 13, 2012

You Know You're An E.I. at Christmas Time When...

I love Christmas time! Yet I know how challenging this time of year can be for those with E.I. So here's a little humor to (hopefully) bring you some Christmas cheer. =) 

You Know You're An E.I. at Christmas Time When...

*You use red and green cotton T-shirts to make Christmas "art" and "decorate" your house.

*You tape old Christmas cards on the outside of your window so you can see them from the inside.

*You take your neighbors sweet potatoes from your garden instead of Christmas cookies.

*You heat water in a Christmas mug and pretend it's hot chocolate. 

*You make your own Christmas cards using 3x5 notecards, a pencil, and stick-figure art.

*You wrap presents in aluminum foil instead of wrapping paper.

*You watch the same PBS Christmas specials over and over.

*You give your family and friends vitamins, supplements or other healthy products for Christmas.

And, *You know how to celebrate in your heart the real meaning of Christmas - the gift of JESUS!

May you have a joyful Christmas in spite of life's challenges! =)

What would you add to this list? Have fun with it! =)

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