Thursday, March 14, 2013

Helpful Articles

I recently joined a group on Facebook about nutrition and wellness. It's been a fount of information for me. 

I know it takes time to read about health-related issues, but knowledge is vital for success. So here are a few articles I've appreciated lately that I hope will be helpful for you.

This is a really great article about the importance of the lymphatic system. I'm SO glad to see a doctor who understands the vital role the lymphatic system plays in health! The article includes some tips for keeping a healthy lymphatic system, though it doesn't mention lymphatic massage (which of course I mention all the time). =) 

Here's a great article that lists 80 uses of coconut oil. It has lots of information and some fun stuff too. =) 

This article is scary, but frankly, not surprising. The dairy industry now wants to put aspartame in milk WITHOUT having to list aspartame on the label. Crazy! Please read or skim through the article and then follow the "take action" button to make your voice heard.

This blog post talks about the harmful effects of pesticides, including triclosan, which is a main ingredient in "anti-bacterial" products. Thankfully there are natural alternatives to pesticides. Please check this out and pass this information along to others. The fewer people using pesticides, the better off we and our environment will be.

That's all for today. =)

Have you read any good articles lately you'd like to share? Let us know!

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