Monday, April 22, 2013

I Can Do Puzzles!

We love doing Thomas Kinkade puzzles.
I've always enjoyed putting together jigsaw puzzles. I like the challenge of fitting all those individual pieces together into a beautiful whole. 

Once my health collapsed though, I didn't have the energy or ability to do puzzles anymore. For a few years I was so sensitive to anything paper-related, that we couldn't even have a puzzle out on the table. 

But last year as my brain began to heal and I started to push my boundaries a little, doing a puzzle was one of the first challenges I attempted. 

At first it wasn't easy, but by the time we finished that first puzzle, I was having a grand time! =) Since then I think my mom and I have done more than 25 puzzles. We enjoy time together while exercising our brains and watching each picture come to life.

I'm so thankful that once again I can do this simple activity that I love. And each puzzle I do reminds me that God is always at work putting together the puzzle pieces of my life. I look forward to seeing the finished picture one of these days. 

Until then, I praise God that I Can do puzzles! =)

What simple things in life do you enjoy doing?

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