Thursday, June 13, 2013

Got Parasites?

Last week I detoxed yet another parasite! I think that makes 8 or 9 parasites that I've treated for in the last four years. Apparently for most of my life my immune system wasn't very good at fighting them, so I had a whole lot of them along for the ride. 

As my body has continued in its healing process, it has kicked various parasites to the surface at different times. (Parasites are notoriously good at hiding out and avoiding detection, so it's important to check for them frequently.) Most of the ones I treated for were in my stomach or colon, but I also had ones in my liver, thyroid, and adrenal gland. 

When you talk about parasites, most people think of the obvious ones that you see in little kids in third-world countries. But the reality is that there are many different kinds of parasites, including microscopic ones. And you don't have to live in a third-world country to get them. 

In my opinion, almost everyone these days has some kind of parasite. If you've ever had a pet, traveled to another country, worked with animals, eaten meat, or experienced any number of other risk factors, you most likely have parasites.

Parasites are alive and active in our world. People with healthy gut function are often able to fight them off. But more and more people today are suffering from the effects of unhealthy, toxic diets and the stress of modern life, thus they're bodies are unable to fend off parasites. 

Often when I hear someone explaining about their health problems, my first thought is "they probably have parasites." Unfortunately, most doctors never think to check. And the few who do run tests for parasites, only check for a select few. And even if they give a medicine supposed to kill parasites, most of those medicines only kill the adult parasites, not the eggs, thus they are ultimately ineffective. 

So what's the answer? Well, it's important to keep a complete health program in place - lymphatic massage, exercise, healthy diet, supplements as needed, etc. These things will help strengthen your immune system overall. Then to address the specific issue of parasites, there are some natural remedies you can take to combat them. I tried a few different ones over the years (Wormwood, garlic, Paracleanse, etc.). 

However, the BEST method I found for truly getting rid of parasites, is Dr. Smith's CBT method (which utilizes the brain's ability to activate the immune system to actually locate and kill the parasites). If you live anywhere near Idaho, I highly recommend Dr. Smith. If that's too far from where you are, you can check this page on his website which lists some doctors who have had his training. Or you can call his office to get a referral for someone in your area.

The most important thing is to take parasites seriously! Don't let them do serious damage. Learn what you can and take action to kick the critters out! 

This website also has a lot of information about parasites:

What questions do you have about parasites? 

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