Monday, June 10, 2013

I Can Work Up A Sweat

Yes, believe it or not, this is a picture of me digging a hole. =) 

In May I bought a rosebush, and last week I finally put foot to shovel and dug the hole to plant it in. 

Last week I also scrubbed some metal shelves a friend gave us, cleaned out part of the garage and loaded my mom's van with stuff to give away. I worked up quite a sweat with all this activity - and it felt great!!! =)

After all the years of laying on the couch, unable to do anything, it feels wonderful to be able-bodied again (at least most of the time). With all the lifting and scrubbing, I used muscles that haven't been exercised in ages. But even being sore the next day felt good! =) 

Most people would probably complain about cleaning out the garage or scrubbing shelves, but I'm just so thankful I CAN do these things! I'm thankful I can actually work outside for a while. I'm even thankful I Can work up a sweat! =) 

What can you do today that you're thankful for?

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