Monday, July 15, 2013

I Can Go On A Road Trip!

It's been four years since my last road trip, and that one was not for pleasure. (I was very sick at the time and traveling was grueling. However, I did see some helpful doctors, so I thank God that He brought good from all the hardship of that trip.) 

But now I'm embarking on a two-week road trip for FUN! =) 

I've been planning this trip since April, and I'm super excited about it! I know it'll be a challenge physically, but I also think it'll be really good for me. 

First I'm going to a Bible conference in TX, then to AR and MO to visit friends and family. I'm not sure how the details will work out (as far as trying to eat healthy on the road, staying in other's people's homes, etc.). But I'm trusting that God is going before me and will meet all my needs. 

This trip is a big step of faith for me. I appreciate your prayers if you think of me (and for "non-toxic woman" as well - couldn't do this without her). 

God has brought me so far from 4 years ago until today. I praise Him for His healing work in my life! And I'm so happy that I Can go on a road trip! =)

P.S. I'll try to keep up with my normal blog schedule, but if I can't, you'll know it's because I'm having so much fun! =) I'll try to post some photos along the way. =)

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