Monday, July 1, 2013

I Can Hug People!

Last year I wrote this post about needing hugs. Living with E.I. for so many years put me way behind on my "quota" of hugs. 

But I'm happy to say I'm finally catching up on all those hugs I missed for so many years! =) 

I love going to church and getting lots of hugs from my church family. And I usually don't even think about if people are wearing fragrances or not! It's just great to see them and share a hug. (Though I still advocate fragrance-free living as much as possible.) 

I also love the hugs from my nieces and nephews. There were many times in the past when they'd come to visit me and could only wave at me through the front window (because I couldn't go out and I couldn't have them inside). But now I often go to their house or even visit their church on occasion, and I always treasure their sweet hugs! =)

It's wonderful to know intellectually that people care about you, but a hug is a tangible expression of their love. I'm so thankful that after all the difficult years I Can hug people once again! 

Who can you hug today? 
(here's a "hug" from God just for you) =)

(P.S. If you're still in a place of isolation because of E.I., I pray that God will send you a very special "hug" from His heart today. 
And here's an e-hug from me!) =) 

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