Thursday, July 24, 2014

Help For Lyme Disease

It seems like almost every week I hear of another person with serious health problems where lyme disease is either diagnosed or suspected. I also have friends whose lyme disease was not diagnosed or treated for so many years that they are still suffering permanent damage. 

Well, the good news in all this is that I know a doctor who is successfully treating lyme disease naturally - without months of antibiotics, drugs, IV's or other stressful methods. I've mentioned Dr. Smith on this blog several times because he's one of the doctors who helped me so significantly back in 2009. But I recently realized that I haven't shared about his work with lyme disease. 

Here's a testimony from a friend of mine about Dr. Smith:

"Hi Joanna! Several of my friends that have lymes have also used him (Dr. Smith) and have had HUGE success. I'm also waaaay improved so I'd love to recommend him to your friends. He also has a good website called if they want more info about the treatment and about contacting him and stuff." -A.

Dr. Smith's website is very well done. I encourage you to read all through it. You'll find testimonies, a symptom sheet to see if it's likely you have lymes, an explanation of the treatment, Dr. Smith's story of how he developed this method, and more.

I know Dr. Smith personally, and I believe that the treatments he's developed are an amazing gift from God for this time when so many people desperately need them. They truly saved my life. My mom and I still use his CBT method pretty much every week to treat for allergies, viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. Since I saw him in 2009, he has improved and refined his treatment for lyme. I'm very impressed with all his research and how he's able to treat all the problems - the lyme, any co-infections, parasites, allergies, etc. - at the same time...all without drugs or antibiotics. It's truly amazing!
(His treatment method works by simply activating the body's own immune system and ability to heal. You can read more details on his website.)

The lyme treatment takes one week and the total cost is usually around $1,000. Comparatively speaking that is very reasonable. (Some people spend thousands of dollars on lyme treatments.)

I spoke with Dr. Smith's office two weeks ago and as of then, they were scheduling apptoinments for lyme treatment in October (because it takes a week to complete the treatment, and because so many people are coming to them for it).

If you know someone with lyme, please feel free to pass this information along. I hope and pray that many more people will find help and healing sooner rather than later. 

God bless,

As of September 2014, the pricing for Dr. Smith's lyme treatment has changed. It is now a flat fee which covers all necessary treatments for the week you're there (lyme, parasites, viruses, allergies, etc.), as well as a three-month supply of whatever supplements Dr. Smith recommends for you to take following treatment. (This is important because after killing the lyme, there will be a period of detoxing both the dead lyme and the toxins which they put off. Nutritional/supplemental support is important during this process.) The total fee is now $3,000. All things considered, I think it's still quite reasonable and definitely worth the investment.

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