Thursday, August 14, 2014

Excited About The Healing Code!

Over the past year several different people mentioned the book The Healing Code to me. This summer I finally made time to read it, and I loved it! It made so much sense, and I realized it was the next step I'd been looking for. 

The basic idea in the book is that stress (of any kind) from the past can actually be stored in our cells as negative cellular memories. This basically shuts down the cells and their normal function. Or you can think of it as your cells being stuck in "fight or flight" mode. This made sense to me since I did the DNRS brain retraining program two years ago. 

DNRS explains how the limbic system in the brain can get stuck in fight or flight. Using the brain exercises in that program I was able to calm my limbic system, and I made major progress in my recovery. However, it seemed something in my body still wasn't getting the message about no longer being in fight or flight. Now I understand why - because that response was still happening at the cellular level. And with the Healing Code, now I know how to help the cells return to normal function once again.

In July I started doing the 6-minute technique that the authors call the universal healing code. And so far I have seen some pretty interesting results.

You can use the technique for virtually any problem - physical, emotional, mental, etc. So the first two times I did it for the problem of being easily frustrated. (The book explains that being easily frustrated is actually linked to the immune system. This made perfect sense to me, since I've struggled for years with being easily frustrated, as well as having a weak immune system.)

Then I did the healing code for my adrenal function. I did it about 5 times over the period of one week. At that point I actually had to stop doing it because my adrenals were detoxing so much that I had almost no energy. Two weeks later my energy is almost back to normal, but my adrenals are still kicking out things like pesticide, bacteria, and more. I've spent the last 5 years doing all kinds of detoxing, so I didn't think I had many toxins left in me. But clearly there were still some at the cellular level, which thankfully the healing code is addressing.

Anyway, all that to say that I am very excited about this tool called the Healing Code! If my body wasn't so slow in all its processes, I would be doing the healing code 3 times a day like the authors suggest. However, I've learned to always go slowly with anything I try and to listen to my body. Right now I can tell that my body is still finishing the healing process for my adrenals that I started by doing the healing code for one week. So I will be patient and wait until my body finishes that task and is ready for another one.

This technique isn't a magic bullet or instant cure-all. But it is a powerful tool for helping the body, specifically the cells, function once again as they were intended to. I believe the natural result of that will be improved health on many levels over time.

I encourage you to get a copy of the book and read it for yourself. Some libraries carry it, or you can find it online (here's the link to Amazon). I believe it's the kind of tool that can be helpful for anyone. My mom has even been doing it for her thyroid and seeing positive results so far. 

However, though the technique itself is simple, understanding how to use it effectively is a little harder. I've been coaching my mom through how to use it since it wasn't clear to her how to put the pieces together. I'm guessing this is probably why some people say it helps them and others say it didn't do anything for them. (One of my friends did it for 6 months and nothing changed. But when I asked her about specifics, I realized she wasn't doing it correctly.) I think there are some key elements that if missed will cause it not to be very effective. So next week I'll share some tips that I hope will be helpful in using this technique. Until then, I hope you'll pick up a copy of the book and start reading. =) Or you can check out the official healing code website.

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