Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mercury In Your Teeth

Before my health crashed, two people in my extended family had the mercury fillings removed from their teeth. Then they both had dramatic recoveries of their health. (I never had any fillings put in my teeth, so this wasn't a factor for my health challenges.) 

The fact is that mercury is highly poisonous. It's a neurotoxin, which means it damages the brain. It also damages the nervous system, the kidneys, and more. It is especially dangerous for children, pregnant women (negatively affects the baby), the elderly, those with neurological problems, etc.

Mercury fillings are toxic and dangerous, yet many dentists are still ignorant or try to tell you these filings are harmless. Here are the facts:

"Dental amalgam is a primitive filling material made of between 43 and 54 percent mercury. Amalgam fillings are commonly called as “silver fillings” – a marketing term that deceives many consumers into believing that amalgam is mainly silver, which is only a minor component of amalgam. 
Amalgam is not stable after it is implanted into human teeth – it constantly releases mercury vapor into your body.  And this mercury bioaccumulates."

Mercury fillings also expand over time and can cause cracks in teeth requiring more dental work. 

And, mercury fillings are unnecessary since there are other healthier options.

"Amalgam is interchangeable with numerous other filling materials – including resin composites, compomers, and glass ionomers - that have rendered amalgam completely unnecessary for any clinical situation." 

So there's really no good reason to keep using mercury fillings, yet many dentists still do. It's so important for your health and your family's health to protect yourselves from mercury fillings! If you don't know about your dentist, just ask what they use. Or look for a natural dentist. This website has a directory of mercury-free dentists by state. 

For more reasons to choose a mercury-free dentist you can read this article or watch the short video on this website:

If you know you have mercury fillings, I encourage you to consider having them removed. However, be cautious in this endeavor. Some dentists take little to no precautions for this procedure, or even replace the old fillings with new ones that still have mercury! One natural health writer had this experience. He later had to have the procedure done again by a trusted dentist to remove the mercury fillings that supposedly were taken out the first time. This time his dentist followed a very careful procedure, including oxygen for the patient, and respirator masks for the dentists. You can read his story here. He also shares some things he did before and after the procedure to help his body handle the removal of the mercury (including high dose vit. C before and charcoal after). 

For detailed suggestions on how dentists should safely remove mercury filings, check out this website:

Be sure that the dentist you chose knows what he's doing, and research him/her to make sure they have no bad reviews of their work. Also, expect that your body will have a transition/detox period. I think the people I knew felt dramatically improved in their health in less than a month. It takes time, but the more healthy habits and detox therapies you can use, the easier it will be for your body to recover.

Getting the mercury out of your teeth is definitely a good step toward better health. For some people it's the big step they need to return to good health. For others, it's not the sole cure, but it is a significant piece of the puzzle. 

I hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions please post them in the comments. 

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