Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Little EI Humor

One of the most important things to hold onto in trials is a sense of humor. Most of the EI people I meet who are handling their challenges better than others, are the ones who can still laugh about things. 

So here's a little EI humor for you today. =)

If there was a book of EI World Records, here are some possible categories it might have:

- number of states and/or countries you've grounded in

- total number of nights spent sleeping somewhere not in a house (i.e. in a tent, vehicle, porch swing, etc.).

- number of doctors visited (my count is somewhere over 40, but I know for some people it's 80+)

- number of consecutive weeks spent without eating any wheat, dairy, corn or soy products

- total number of doctor/treatment recommendations you've received from family, friends and helpful strangers

- number of supplements taken in a one week period (I think my friend K holds this record)

- number of years since you ate pizza two days in a row

- number of health books you've read

- number of strangers who've asked you in the store, "What are you going to do with all that vinegar?"

- number of loads of laundry (including soaking and extra rinses) done in a one week period (My mom holds this record for sure!)

- number of different health food stores you've visited (my list includes stores in at least 5 states)

- number of people who have helped you, prayed for you, encouraged you, and blessed you on your journey (love to see some great competition for this one!) =) 

What categories would you add? 

Yes, this EI life can be pretty crazy. The good news is that these aren't the kinds of records that really matter. What matters is - 

- the number of times we give thanks 

- the valuable lessons we learn

- the special people we meet on the journey

- the gifts of compassion and understanding we give to others 

- the positive choices we make again and again and again...

So don't worry about getting in any record books. =) Just keep being you. Keep laughing. Keep loving. Keep living - even when life is crazy. 


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