Thursday, March 5, 2015

Worth Watching - The Brain and the Body

This week I watched an amazing video interview with four different health experts. You may have heard of some of them - 
Dr. Caroline Leaf
Jordan Rubin
Dr. Scott Hannen
Dr. David Erb

In this video they share fantastic information about the brain and the body and how to improve your health. Their message is also filled with faith and positive encouragement, whatever your current health challenges. 

The video is a little long, but definitely worth watching! Just skip to about the 42 minute mark to start because that's where the interview with the health experts begins.

I was very encouraged listening to these experts who are passionate about making a difference and helping people live healthier lives. They each have wonderful resources available as well, and all their websites are included in the video. 

I hope it's a blessing to you. Let me know what you think. =) 

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