Thursday, April 2, 2015


Lately the reality and abundance of toxins, mold, chemicals, etc. has been pretty overwhelming for me. Sometimes I feel like I belong in a different century when life was simpler and healthier. 

I keep asking God to teach me how to live in this crazy, toxic world of today. I know God chose to place me in this time in history. I know He has a plan and purpose for me here and now. So I can only trust that He will teach me how to do more than exist, how to live healthily, even how to thrive, overcoming the obstacles day by day to accomplish the good things He wants me to do. 

I think that an important part of this process is to continually be thankful. Instead of dwelling on all the challenges, I need to take time to give thanks for the gifts and blessings that pour over me. 

With Easter coming this weekend, I'm reminded that ultimately my life is in heaven. That is my home. That is my destiny. That is my glorious future!

Which means that I can live life here free from fear, full of joy, and empowered to bless others. 

I truly have MUCH to be thankful for! 

Whatever challenges you're facing right now, will you join me today for a few minutes in giving thanks? I'll help you out by listing some things I'm thankful for that maybe you can give thanks for as well. =) 

If you have a bed to sleep on and a pillow for your head - give thanks.
If you have water to drink - give thanks.
If you have windows to look out and see the sky, sun, clouds, trees, birds, etc. - give thanks. 
If you have shoes on your feet - give thanks.
If you can still smile - give thanks. =) 
If you have food in your fridge - give thanks.
If you have someone to laugh with - give thanks.
If you have a Bible in your own language to read whenever you want - give thanks.
If you know Jesus is always with you no matter what - give thanks! 

Yes, I am thankful! Here and now, come what may. I am thankful. 

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  1. Yes thanks for everything always to God.