Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Help For Autism

I'm posting a day early this week because I have great news! My friend Carolyn just published her book "Becoming Real: Our Journey Through Autism" and it's only $.99 (ebook) now through Saturday! (Print copies are also available at the regular price.) 

If you know any families blessed with autistic kids, please share this with them. Carolyn has been on quite a journey, but God has used it all for good. I'm so excited to see this beautiful fruit that God has brought from her trials. I know this book will be a blessing and help to many! 

You can order it on Amazon here, and here's a more detailed description of the book:

"Becoming Real: Our Journey Through Autism" is Carolyn Johnson’s own inspiring true story as a mother of an Autistic child. She shares both the light and dark sides of Autism, as well as the deeper journey every family experiences with special needs children. Her powerful lessons on life and spirituality bring readers to a new level of awareness. Tears of both of laughter and compassion will flow as readers enter into Carolyn’s overcoming story of “Becoming Real” on the journey.  

Along with inspiration, readers are given the necessary tools and education to heal themselves and their families. Carolyn’s uniquely designed program called “Covering Your Bases” will guide readers along their journey to health. Practical steps on using healing diets, essential oils, supplements, and other natural home-based therapies are provided in the book. Additionally, as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Carolyn explains what her own innovative approach to holistic healing has been able to do for hundreds of clients. 

"Becoming Real: Our Journey Through Autism" is a map for helping parents and children reach a new kind of “normal life” in a holistic manner. Carolyn took into account that each child is different therefore created a guide or framework to lead the reader through the process of helping Autistic children live a better quality of life. This Autism book is designed to share her unique experience, effective holistic remedies, and offer encouragement through the process of healing.

Thanks for sharing this with others!

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