Thursday, April 7, 2016

Respect The Signs

When I lived in Mexico there was one particular road sign that amused me and my friends. Instead of the normal speed limit, speed bump, or other signs, this specific sign said (in Spanish) - "Respect the Signs".

It seemed funny to have a sign telling you to respect the signs. =)

But on deeper reflection, I can see its value. How easy is it to drive the same roads every week and start to ignore the signs? Drive a little faster. Barely slow down for the bumps. Forget to watch for falling rocks....

The problem is that when we don't respect the signs, we do so at our own risk! I think the same is true with our health. God created our bodies in an amazing way! When the body has a problem or a need, it sends you a message, or a sign, in some way. If you make a habit of ignoring those signs, you put yourself at risk.

So what are some of the "signs" your body may be showing you?

1) Unusual fatigue.
This sign could mean that you need to slow down and rest more. Or you may have an infection and your body needs extra energy to fight it. Or perhaps something is wrong and your body is using energy to try to address the problem. Or other things.

2) Ongoing pain.
This sign is your body's way of getting your attention about a problem area. The sooner you find the root issue, the sooner you can address the problem and resolve the pain. Just ignoring the pain or taking pain meds usually prolongs and worsens the root issue.

3) Allergies.
This sign indicates that your immune system isn't functioning well. Finding ways to improve your immune system is so important. Allergies are your warning sign that your immune system needs help.

4) Digestive issues.
This sign is vital to pay attention to. Good health begins in the gut. Anything you can do to improve gut health will improve overall health.

5) Mental/emotional symptoms.
This sign is probably harder to recognize but very significant. When the body is under stress and working hard to still maintain basic functions, there is often no energy left over for mental focus and concentration or for emotional stability. If negative emotions or "brain fog" are frequent problems, these are big signs that your overall health needs much help.

There are other signs the body uses to get our attention, but I think these are the basic ones that most people experience.

The important thing is for us to learn to "Respect the Signs"! When we pay attention, we can more quickly recognize what our bodies need and take action to move toward better health. 

So what sign from your body do you need to listen to this week?

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