Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dangers Of Antibiotics

While antibiotics can be life-saving in some situations, they are widely overused and misunderstood. There are dangers to be aware of with antibiotics. People need to be more informed about them.

1) First of all, it's important to understand the nature of antibiotics.

Some antibiotics are actually made from mycotoxins - the toxins that mold produces. Think of a moldy piece of bread. The mold produces "mycotoxins" to kill all the bacteria so it can have the bread all to itself to "eat". The problem is that mycotoxins are, of course, toxic.

Also, antibiotics cannot discern between bad bacteria and good bacteria, so they kill off both. But it's essential for the body to have the good bacteria - for the immune system, digestive system, etc. Being depleted of good bacteria can seriously compromise your health.

Another problem is that antibiotics cannot kill off ALL the bacteria - which is actually a good thing, or you probably wouldn't survive taking them. But that means after you're done with them, you'll still have some of the bad bacteria there and you won't have much, if any, good bacteria to help fight the bad.

If you do not have a bacterial infection, but instead have a virus or fungal infection, then antibiotics won't help. And fungal infections usually get worse if you take antibiotics. Also, some microorganisms, like lymes, are notorious for adapting to antibiotics and becoming resistant to them, then waiting for an opportune time to attack again. So you may feel temporarily better, but once you stop taking the antibiotics, you feel even worse than before. I experienced this. I was on and off antibiotics for months before finally realizing I needed to do something different. 

There's also the possibility of an allergic reaction to antibiotics. Many people are allergic to penicillin or sulfa based antibiotics. Not to mention that antibiotics are a foreign substance to the body, which causes it stress.

So, since antibiotics will not rid your body of all the bad bacteria, plus they deplete the good bacteria and lower your immune system, and they add toxins and stress to your body - they are not a true healing solution. (Again, I recognize and understand emergency uses of them. But many doctors over-prescribe them.)

2) Secondly, a very important thing to understand is that there is really only one thing that can effectively rid your body of bad bacteria and other infections, parasites, etc. That one thing is your own immune system - which God created for this specific purpose. Chemically manufactured drugs cannot effectively rid your body of invaders. In fact, drugs are viewed by the body as invaders, adding more stress and making it more difficult for the immune system to do its job. (Again, I understand certain uses of medications. I'm talking about what will be genuine healing solutions.)

Instead of antibiotics, true healing methods will somehow activate or strengthen your own immune system to do what it was created and designed to do.

Some things that I believe help and strengthen our immune systems, especially for dealing with infections, are -
- essential oils
- coconut oil
- certain herbs
- garlic, spices and other immune boosting foods
- sunshine, laughter, exercise
and more. Of course the healthier we eat and live, the stronger our immune system will be.

When infections are present and just won't go away, then the body needs extra help. I know one doctor who has developed a method that naturally activates the immune system to get rid of infections. I highly recommend Dr. Smith in Idaho. He has been a life-saver for me. His methods have successfully helped rid my body of candida, viruses, parasites, fungal infections, bacterial infections and more. Because his method activates the body's own immune system, it is safe, simple and effective.

Here's his website if you want more info. He books appointments several months in advance because so many people are being helped by his treatment.

I hope this post has given you a better understanding of antibiotics. Let me know if you have any questions.

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