Tuesday, November 15, 2016


It's Day 6 and I'm celebrating the many miracles God has done in my life!

A miracle can be spectacular, something impossible in the natural world, such as parting the Red Sea or multiplying loaves and fishes. Or a miracle can simply be something God does that's out of the ordinary. I've seen both instances in my life.

I praise God for the many miraculous ways He works in our lives!

Here are just a few miracles God has done in my life -

- Multiplying the gas in an empty gas tank in the middle of nowhere, until I reached a gas station.
- Giving me one breath at a time when I felt like I couldn't breathe (happened several times).  
- Protecting me while driving so many times!
- Providing free plane tickets when I needed them.
- Putting me in the right place at the right time to lead someone to know Jesus.
- Someone sending me a gift I desired but hadn't told anyone about.  
- Providing places for me to stay during all the months I couldn't live at home.
- Resurrecting an item that was lost and long gone.
- Healing my heart from past hurts, until there's no more pain from the memory.
- Speaking through me the exact words someone else needed to hear.
- Suddenly feeling led to pray for someone and later finding out they needed prayer right then.
- Experiencing restoration of health, joy, dreams, hope and so much more!

I'm so thankful that God is always at work in our lives. Sometimes it's hard to see Him, especially in trials. But with every miracle - little or big - He reminds us that He loves us powerfully, and He is present with us always. His grace is greater than all our challenges, weaknesses and needs. Praise His name!

What's one miracle God has done for you?

Here's one of my favorite songs about God's grace.


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  1. He brought peace to my home where there was chaos. He provided every time that we were short on money. He sent someone to repair my roof two times when I had a leak. He saved me from a bicycle accident that would have been fatal, (an angel pushed my bike to the side!) He gave me peace in the middle of some of the toughest times. He sent His people to be His light at all of my darkest hours. He has never stopped chasing me. Thank you God!