Thursday, February 1, 2018

Oops...And Happy Stretching!

I am so sorry about not doing a post last week! I had a crazy week with so much going on, and I completely forgot. I think that's the first time that's happened in years.... Please forgive my lapse.

So I thought I'd do a quick post today, and then we'll be back on schedule next week. =)

Today I wanted to share about a great resource for stretching. A few months ago a friend told me about this program called Essentrics. As she described it, I got very excited! I said, "That sounds like just what I've been looking for!"

For those of us who want to do some kind of exercise but also want to be careful not to push our bodies, this program is excellent! It is a special kind of stretching - continual movement stretching, not static stretching. It stretches and strengthens at the same time. It's gentle, yet still gives you a workout.

This kind of stretching can help improve range of motion, joint health, and mobility. For me, it also has helped strengthen my core and help with posture.

There are different videos according to levels of fitness, different muscle groups, health goals (pain relief, posture, etc.), and more. The workouts I've done so far have been the 15 minute programs - one with stretches for posture, one for neck/shoulders, etc. My body has responded well and actually wants to do these workouts!

The website has several mini-videos you can watch. There's more information there, and you can look at the different options of workouts.

I'm so thankful my friend told me about this great tool! I hope it'll be a good resource for you. =)

Happy stretching!

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